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Divi Theme Builder & BuddyPress

  • unity4625


    I have scoured Google, YouTube, and even this very forum for an answer but no one has been able to help me. I’ve even tried talking to Elegant Themes and they were of no help – blaming it on the plugin developers, even though they created the feature. Also, time is running out for me to incorporated this into the website, so I’m desperate. Plus, I KNOW I’m not the ONLY one in the world who has encountered this problem. I can’t be…

    I’m using WordPress version 5.5.3 and BuddyPress version 7.1.0. I’m building a website for an online college using Divi (version 4.7.7, developed by Elegant Themes). Out of the box, Divi is compatible with BuddyPress, except when it comes to the Theme Builder.

    I have a template I created using the Theme Builder that I associate for the pages generated by BuddyPress (User Groups, Members, Activity). On the theme, there’s a module called the Post Content Module which renders whatever content is entered in the page/post body field through the admin dashboard.

    For whatever reason, it will not render the content from the BuddyPress generated pages, or allow the children of those pages (such as profiles) from rendering within the Post Content Module. If I turn the theme template off on those BuddyPress generated pages, the content shows up. But, it’s out of theming with the rest of the website.

    I have recorded a video that shows exactly what I’m talking about that can be looked at by clicking here.

    Please, please, please can someone give me an answer and a fix for this issue. I’ve tried reaching out to Elegant Themes, the creator of Divi, and they were of absolutely no help at all.

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  • shanebp


    Why are you using such old version of WP and BP?

    BP dynamically creates content for BP pages – so very few, if any, theme builders will work.

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