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Do I Need To Migrate From Old Forums to bbPress 2.2+?

  • dainismichel


    Migrating from old forums to bbPress 2.2+

    Migrating from old forums to bbPress 2.2+

    So you’ve been using BuddyPress’ built-in group forums since BuddyPress 1.5, but would like to use the new bbPress plugin to power your forums instead.

    Gotcha. You’ll need to migrate your existing group forum content over to bbPress as well. Don’t worry! This is what this article is all about.

    OK — but here is the thing, I never “enabled” forums, but I do have groups. People post to the Groups, and there is some activity there, but really the functionality is confusing, so I have been engaging more in the Activity Stream where people comment…

    So, the thing is that I don’t even know if I need to “migrate,” because I have only used Groups but I have not used “Forums.” I just did not want to add another layer of complexity that may or may not have worked in a logical way…

    Still, right now, the “problem” is that sitewide activity is not appearing in the activity stream (for example, replies made to profile comments are not appearing).

    Since I have not looked at these features/updates in a while, I figure it’s a good time to upgrade and to improve the functionality for users — and maybe a migration to bbPress 2.2+ will help a lot.

    Maybe all of a sudden “Group” comments will appear in the activity streams of members of those groups — maybe even other commenting issues will disappear?

    BUT a) do i need to migrate and b) i did try it and i followed the instructions in the migration topic i cited above, but the i left the database server as “localhost,” and am not sure if that was the correct setting — and well — after starting the conversion i got the error: No forums to convert

    so that either means the “localhost” setting was wrong — or it means that there really are no forums to convert because i never used “forums” (only groups) — or it means something else.

    so — do i need to migrate?


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  • r-a-y


    You answered your own question:

    but here is the thing, I never “enabled” forums, but I do have groups.

    So no, you don’t need to migrate if you never enabled the legacy forums component and you have no intention of using forums.

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