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Do you even optimize bro?

  • januzi_pl


    Hello there.

    So the problem is: a friend of mine asked me to do something about his wordpress site. It’s very slow and top says about high load. I enabled xdebug and created profiling log. The file itself has got 1GB. Yep, single page display generated so much data. But the more interesting part is that the highest positions on the “self” time consuming functions are: get_friendships, populate and __construct. Populate is being called over 200k times. I’m dead f**** serious. Why is it so? Who thought it was a good idea?

    You can take a look on the graph and call list under this link: (imgbb, don’t know if it’s good or not).

    The question is: will you fix this issue asap?

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  • djsteveb


    @januzi_pl – how many members are there?

    Are there strong anti-spam / anti-bot sign up measures in place? not a captcha – something like “good question” or other answer correct question to get through kind of thing.

    using wp spmshield or some kind of akismet type thing?

    I don’t have the kind of graph you show there – but I can say I saw a HUGE difference.. back in the day we had tons of bots signing up for new accounts, sending pms to other users, and all kinds of activity that was not obvious on the front end to the average visitor or site admin.. only after a few complaints and some digging did I realize that 90% of server resources were being sucked away by bot registrations / spammers, and bots that were crawling for the various “search engines” – once you get a hold on those things, then it’s good to know how many users you have and if they are active all day and night or just certain times of the day and such..



    Bots can’t register, because nobody can register.

    As for users, there are 23k records in the users table and almost 84k records in the bp_friends table.

    The original reporter has submitted a bug report

    The language used in that report is much more constructive than that of this forum thread, so I’m going to close this.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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