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Do you want full bootstrap buddypress theme?

  • Unsal Korkmaz



    I created a bootstrap theme with buddypress supported child theme. I didnt release it to public yet but i am preparing for it.

    You can preview theme in
    You can watch video:

    Themes features:

    • Main theme is non-buddypress, full twitter bootstrap used design theme. Its good to use as parent theme for child themes. Have action and filters.
    • Child theme is adding buddypress support to main theme. Both main theme and child theme dont have any custom design css ( all styles are bootstrap’s css so its good as skeleton theme too)
    • Buddypress theme files using bootstrap too. There is no css for buddypress too. All css is bootstrap’s styles.
    • Theme have translation support and its default language is english.
    • and lastly it will be free 🙂

    What am i waiting for release?

    • Firstly i need to know people need it or not.
    • I will resume to add more bootstrap style to buddypress theme system if its possible and making sense
    • Probably i will release it when buddypress 1.7 release . And i will add bbpress support on child theme too.

    Please reply here your ideas or suggestions in this topic.


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Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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