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Does a group link to the sub-forum of a linked forum?

  • r083r7


    Trying to understand how BuddyPress treats linked forums that contain sub-forums. I created a test and seems that if a linked forum has a sub-forum then the posts to that sub-forum are not displayed as that group’s activity. I created a test group. Linked a forum to it that has a sub-forum. Posted to the main forum and then the sub-forum. The group’s activity feed only shows the post to the main forum and not the sub-forum 🙁

    Can anyone confirm that is the case and if there’s a way to change that? I would love to have sub-forums and they are part of the group’s activity.

    What struck me as odd is that the main activity stream shows posts to both the main and sub-forum. It just shows EVERYTHING is seems like.

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