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Does any body have Idea on Blogcaster’s themes?

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  • Steer clear of the page / download for the moment, there is a flurry of exploits hitting sites with a vengeance it seems, possibly the adobe JavaScript exploit? If you want further information about the theme or the problem encountered I would contact wpmu directly.

    This Gallery group is really for showcasing finished BP sites this post would have been better in misc group

    Sorry for posting in wrong category .
    @Moderation team
    I request the moderators to move this post to Miscellaneous category .

    Not easy to move posts at the moment, so not to worry just a note for future reference.

    If you haven’t I would ensure you have latest updates if on Windows, and all protection well up to date, disable JavaScript in PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader, and generally view everything suspiciously for a while, these exploits can sneak past protection very easily having a very low detection rate at present.

    Thanks !

    Archie Webmaker


    I am the owner of and is not in anyway harmful. It was a comment with a link ( that cause the problem. It has been removed and is running fine now.

    In that process(reactifying) I have lost my data. Themes will be available for download ASAP.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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