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Does anybody use Multiple Profile Types?

  • Psyber


    I’ve seen several threads started on this along with a lot of interest surrounding having multiple profile types on your buddypress site, but no working examples. I am sure a good majority of all buddypress sites could benefit from this feature.

    I would like to
    – Allow the user to choose their profile type during registration
    – Feature different x-profile fields for each profile type
    – Have the ability to brand the profile template somehow for each profile type, maybe just adding a badge
    – List members by profile type in the member directory, and search the member directory by profile type.
    – Options to have paid or free profiles with restrictions/features for each profile type

    Does anybody have suggestions/examples/guidance? I will continue my search.

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  • Psyber


    Does anybody know anything about creating multiple profile types in BuddyPress?



    Custom Profile Fields Buddy press plugins… there is a also a few permission plugins in there also… i found them months and months back still work…

    Boone Gorges


    I have done this using WP user meta. At the moment, it takes a few hacks to get the directories working correctly. In BP 1.3, bp_has_members() has new ‘meta_value’ and ‘meta_key’ arguments, which will make it less hacky. You should be able to develop something at that point pretty easily. Or maybe someone could write a ‘member type’ plugin, using these new BP features.



    I’ll take a look and maybe hack a little

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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