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Does Buddypress add new members to pending list How t automatically approv new ?

  • EMar Sounds



    I’m not sure if this is related to BuddyPress registration for new members or what,
    But I just realized that I have a lot of pending memberships that I got no email alerts for.
    So I’m wondering what is causing new members to end up in the pending list and how to auto approve them instead.


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  • EMar Sounds


    I also noticed if I sign up as a new member I get to the page that says success and an email
    has been sent to verify your account, but the email never comes.

    If I activate the member accounts manually an email is sent saying there is a new member,
    So I know my email is working on the server side right?

    I don’t know where the mail settings are in wordpress or if it’s some setting in Buddypress?

    I need to allow new registrations to be approved automatically, I thought there was an option for this.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

    EMar Sounds


    I created a test user account on my site,
    If I go to Users > manage signups, I see the new user account,
    So I click the email link to resend the activation email,
    It sends the new account activation email

    Why doesn’t it send it when the user created the account?
    And I need to know is Buddypress forcing new members into that pending list?
    Meaning it’s not automatically registering new accounts or sending them their activation email when they sign up.

    I’m confused.

    EMar Sounds


    I fixed my email sending issue by installing WP-Mail-SMTP plugin,
    The old plugin I was using is broke: WP Mail From II


    I set it to Send all WordPress emails via SMTP.
    I ticked Set the return-path to match the From Email.

    I’m using cPanel email so I logged into my cPanel email and clicked Set Up Mail Client link.
    You’ll see the username and password and port you need to put in the WP-Mail-SMTP config.

    SMTP Port: local
    SMTP Port: the outgoing port
    For encryption I selected use SSL as I have free autoSSL installed for cPanel.

    Yes: Use SMTP authentication.

    Username: your email address
    Password: Email password

    And that’s it.. tested send email to another email address, all good.

    Newly registered account are getting the activate email, well I did anyway.



    EMar Sounds


    I have it doing all the emails now with my new mail plugin.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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