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Does BuddyPress work with Divi 4x Theme

  • mmeadpond


    Hello, I’ve spent two days trying to figure out that which I’m not even sure of. I have installed BuddyPress and MembershipsPro to the website,

    But when I try to click on Register, it takes me to the home page (I want the home page to just have a non-BP page on it–and with a “Join” or whatever sign in, let the members join the network. But when I click on some of the pages BuddyPress and MembershipPro set up, it re-rounds me to the Home Page.

    The issue still happens with Twenty-Nineteen.

    I found a page, recommended to me by Divi:

    I already had set up a child theme and inside, placed the suggested pages. I don’t think it’s doing anything I need it to do.

    So, in short: Am I spinning my wheels trying to make Divi 4x work with BuddyPress? Do I need to switch to Peepso or some other Membership plugin?

    I’m not sure what to do and would appreciate suggestions or advice. Thank you.

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  • mmeadpond


    Hi, I reached out to Divi and they responded that the article one of their support people gave me was a 2015 document. Since then, Divi is compatible with BuddyPress.

    ~M MeadPond

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