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Does the Activity Post-Form work everywhere Multisite?

  • Nahum


    So far in trials I’m %50 sure that its ok to post to the activity post form from anywhere on the site, not just in the activity directory or profile activity. I haven’t stress tested it enough to know if this causes any problems but so far so good with just admin. I’ve tried placing the post form in different places on the site and it seems to work. Now i’m hoping to take it beyond the main site into multisite locactions.

    I’m even thinking of doing a lightbox type post form to open anywhere to post activity.

    Does anyone know the limits/ramifications of doing this?

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  • Roger Coathup


    We quite happily have a post form sitting in the header on every page in one of our sites. Not sure how this extends out to multisite, but don’t expect it would be a problem with secondary sites in subfolders. I don’t know if subdomains introduce any cross domain issues.

    Agree with Roger



    Still trying to figure it out…haven’t had luck with subdomain setup, and haven’t tried subdir yet…it might be someone comes up with a plugin, for a nice little hovering post box that members can click to open and post from anywhere multi site, before I’m able to figure it out. hoping for the plugin.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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