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domain mapping not working properly

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    I am using wpmu 2.9.2 with domain mapping turned on.

    I have a few blogs that are mapped properly, but for some reason buddypress is not recognizing the mapped domain.

    example: (mapped domain running buddypress)

    You will notice all the links on the page reference the non domain mapped url……..

    As it’s every single link on every single buddypress page, I’m guessing there is a global setting somewhere that can be changed so all the links work properly?

    please advise

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    Is there a place in buddypress where I can change the overall links within buddypress pages to point to the mapped domain name instead of the actual subdomain url?

    If my clients account is mapped to ‘’ and my bp install is at ‘’ all links on the buddypress pages send my user to instead of their actual domain.

    kinda makes it impossible to roll buddypress out to my clients if the links on their sites are redirecting to a url that they don’t understand…..

    Paul Gibbs


    Did you fix this? Thread has been marked as resolved?



    no i have not resolved the issue yet. Still reading through all the code to find a solution so that I can roll this out to my clients.

    The site url I mentioned above shows a perfect example of what i am talking about.

    I would have tried it on the site to confirm it’s not just me, but they do not allow domain mapping there for testing. That’s probably how this bug slipped by…..



    I’m guessing someone here has to be using domain mapping on their wpmu/bp setup.

    Am I the only one with this issue?

    It pretty much makes it impossible to launch a bp site for a client if all the links in bp are going to point to the non-mapped domain name.

    Andrea Rennick


    Which domain mapping plugin are you using? Last count, there were FIVE that I knew of. Some keep the subdomain reference, one doesn’t.



    I had this one installed by Andrew over at the premium site some time ago:


    Plugin Name: WordPress MU Domain Mapping

    Plugin URI:

    Description: Map any blog on a WordPress MU website to another domain.

    Version: 0.4.3

    Author: Donncha O Caoimh

    Author URI:


    domain mapping works everywhere, just not on buddypress pages.

    Well.. it works, but the problem is that buddypress is picking up the subdomain instead of the mapped domain in all of the activity stream, profile, etc… links.

    If I am on any page not belonging to buddypress, then the url’s are correctly pointing to the mapped domain.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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