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don’t show non-friends actions in activity stream

  • How can I remove non-friends actions from the activity stream, I can’t seem to find a plugin for this.

    I’m using the latest version of wordpress with the new buddypress 1.5.

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    On the main activity page when you’re logged in, there should be a tab called “My Friends”.

    Click on this tab to view only your friends’ activity updates.

    You can see this in action here: (make sure you have an account though!)

    I guess that was not the question …
    The issue is general and it applies to the fact that any user can see the activity stream of any other user, regardless if friend or not ..
    Maybe we should wonder why would they “make friends” in the 1st place? Is this the way a social network works? How is Facebook solving it? LinkedIn etc !??!

    None of these networks gives access to non-friend streams, only buddypress …. :(

    So having this issue solved once and for all, after having people pointing out to this issue for longer than one year with NO ANSWER would be really a big step forward for buddypress.

    Anyone having the solution!??!



    I’m interested in solving this as well. It is one of the main reasons I’m here on the support site. So I take it there’s no way to do this currently?

    Anyone?!?! Is there really no buddypress guru out there able to answer this question after being around for soon 2 years ?!?!?!

    Thank you!

    it has been covered before – you’ll need to filter on bp_has_activities (search the forum on this term and you’ll find some examples) and then loop over the array and unset which activities do not meet your requirement. not ideal and may mess up ‘load more/pagination’

    thank for the tip @etivite . I have searched and googled till my head was spinning, there is NO solution for it yet!

    The issue is asked again and again and again, and still no real solution. The only thing I have found which filters out the non-friend activity but also blocks your own! is this one:

    As for th bp_has_activities you can’t really use it as it only accepts ONE single parameter (for ex.
    if ( bp_has_activities( ‘scope=friends’) [which means own posts, groups, etc will be out!] and as you said is completely messing up the “load” function by the occasion. So you definitely can NOT call that a solution.

    You say it has been covered before, I’d rather say it has been asked again and again but when you search through all those posts you’ll see they all end either unanswered or after people desperately try to figure it out somehow, gets abandoned as no one found the way to solve it. ANd there was not even ONE single post from some of the developers who know best how buddypress is built.

    We can try and try and break our heads, but if after 2 years none of us managed 2 find a solution, isn’t it time for a specialist to look into it?

    We need just as on other social networks the possibility to have own posts (incl comments) combined with friends’ posts (also incl. commenst) on one single page/wall and only visible for friends.

    All social networks do that these days, only buddypress not …. :-(

    I feel I am losing my mind over this, really!

    Really nobody who knows how to collate own activity and the friends activity on the same page !??!??!

    @cryptojunkie001 @candy2012 @risen32

    2 post befor @candy2012 share link to “buddypress-friends-only-activity-stream-plugin”.
    This script has same trouble with display own activity on own page.
    I FIX this problem. Now it work for me and my project.
    Tested on WP3.2.1 & BP1.2.9

    “don’t show non-friends actions in activity stream” now is plugin for BP !
    u can download fixed version here:



    There is a helpful plugin called BuddyPress Profile Privacy.
    It allows users to set privacy settings to their page, (such as, activity stream view, they can allow whom they want to view their activity ) along with many helpful settings.

    If your looking for only view to view friends activity on the activity page it’s very simple. Go to the activity php file. Locate the nav menu and you will see a code something like ” is selected ” changed it to the friends activity therefor it will display friends activity rather then the sitewide activity.

    Ps, I hope this helps. If not.. I tried.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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