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Duplicate activity/members/groups seperate language

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  • Roger Coathup


    The default BuddyPress site setup only supports a single activity, members, groups directory page.

    One solution is to create your own custom page templates, and embed the code for the activity, member and group loops in the template. You’d then assign it to your duplicate pages. You can read more about coding your own loops in the documentation section of this site.

    You could also look to see if it’s possible to use the language files — dynamically loading the appropriate text domain translations of the BuddyPress text depending which language the user has selected. In this scenario, you’d work with the default ‘single’ page setup.

    Perhaps too late for your site (if you’ve gone down the polylang route), but for all our multi language solutions, we go the multisite approach and using the Multilingual Press Pro plugin. It gives a really clean solution. Remember to enable bp multiblog if you switch to this approach.



    Ok thanks alot. Yes too late to change language plugin unfortunately.

    Another issue. We worked on the template in /new/ and then moved to the root when we were happy with all. Now for some reason when posts are being made, in Buddypress they show up with /new/ in the activity stream even though the site is moved and all (i believe) settings have removed /new/.

    Is this something you have seen before?



    @johnnybkk, could you please tell me how did you manage to get buddypress with polylang or or other multilanguage plugin

    It works : http://www.mysite/members
    This link does not work : http://www.mysite/en/members

    could you pleae tell me how can i make it work. thanks



    I would also like to have some help to this topic.

    I have the same problem. Two languages on my site using polylang! How can these buddypress pages be translated and work to the second language as well?

    Thank you in advance!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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