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Duplicate BuddyPress activity

  • johntullyf


    Using BP 2.0.1 on a WP 3.9.1 site built with Headway Themes and I’m getting duplicate postings in the activity feed. As soon as a member creates a post – two copies of it turn up in the feed.

    I’ve already tried the following:
    1. Deactivated ALL plugins apart from BuddyPress itself with NO change
    2. Switched from Headway Themes to Twenty Fourteen with NO change

    I’ve seen other posts about possible conflicts between BP and themes where both want to display the posts hence the duplication but I’m at a loss to know where I can turn this off within BP (if possible at all).

    Any help greatly appreciated.


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  • shanebp


    >where both want to display the posts hence the duplication

    It’s not a display problem, although that’s how it manifests.

    Two entries are being created when an update is created.

    Did you switch to a WP theme ( 2013, etc ) and then create an activity update?



    Shane – thanks for the response.

    So i just tried what you suggested (change theme and then create activity post) and it DIDN’T duplicate the post. I have to revert back to the original theme as that’s what the client wants.

    Do you have a suggestion as to how to remove the unwanted second entry if its not a standard WP theme?




    That might be tricky to track down, given that ajax is involved.
    Your best bet is to ask Headway.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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