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Duplicate Groups Component

  • Nick Watson


    I would like to have a duplicate of the Groups component on my buddypress, just called something different. Like… “Gangs” or something like that.

    If there is a component out there that is just a duplicate of the groups one, then I could simply rename it, but I have no idea where to find a component like that.

    Otherwise, is there a way I can duplicate the built in groups component on buddypress?

    Thank You

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  • Nick Watson


    Can anyone point me to a components page at least? Somewhere to download new components?

    Not easily.

    Why do you want to duplicate the groups functionality? Are you trying to categorise your groups in someway? There might be a better approach.

    Nick Watson


    Well, I would like a separate component that I can use to create pages that people can join, but can’t create them.

    They’ll be called ‘Featured Groups’ and basically it’s just going to be ‘groups’ that people can join but the functionality of these groups will be slightly different.

    If there is a way to categorize certain groups then that would be good.


    If there was an option to make a group ‘Featured’ (kind of like there is to select from, public, private, and hidden).

    But I would want the option to only be selectable by admins/moderators.

    Hi @nickbwatson Hope you are well. Could you duplicate the Groups functionality? I have a similar requirement. If you can share your solution that will be immensely helpful.

    Many Thanks

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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