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Dynamic link to bp profile in function below?

  • Kir 2012


    Hi all, I’m really stuck on something and wondered if anybody could help – sorry if it’s super simple, I can usually get this stuff working pronto, but I’m clearly missing something here as I can’t get this working! I want a dynamic link to the buddypress profile in the function below, but nothing I try works! I need something like bp_loggedin_user_domain

    Can anyone help with what I’d put here ,'url' => '' – here it is in full:

    add_filter('wcmp_vendor_dashboard_nav', 'add_wcmp_vendor_dashboard_nav');
    function add_wcmp_vendor_dashboard_nav($nav) {
       $nav['custom_nav'] = array(
           'label' => __('My Profile', 'dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor') // label of the menu
           ,'url' => ''
    	 , 'capability' => true
           , 'position' => 1 //menu position
           , 'submenu' => array() // submenu items
           , 'link_target' => '_blank' // target window _blank or _self
           , 'nav_icon' => 'dashicons dashicons-admin-site' // menu icon wordpress dashicons resource (
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  • shanebp


    Are you saying bp_loggedin_user_domain() did not work?
    If so, buddypress may not be available when that filter hook fires.

    You could try using this: http://mysiteurl/members/me/
    When clicked, BuddyPress will redirect the me to the profile page of the logged-in user.

    Kir 2012


    Hey thanks, I’m using root profiles so I just used a link with ‘/me’ and it worked – thanks for that!

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