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Easy way to Expand Wire posts beyond 6?

  • Is there an easy way to expand the Wire to show more then 6 posts? I did a search, but came up empty on this issue.

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  • Burt Adsit


    It’s hard coded in several different places in the code. There isn’t any one spot to just plug in a new number. If you really need to do it, they all seem to be in bp-wire-templatetags.php. That was just a quick look to see what was going on. It may be elsewhere also.

    You’ll have to change all the pagination code to reflect a new number. Personally speaking, I’d just live with it for now. You could always post an enhancement ticket in trac and slip Andy some hockey tickets.

    I think that options are key, and allowing the Admin to set a wire option, and then allowing each member to adjust their wire posts is a necessity.

    I have a group that isn’t big, but uses the wire like a forum…and 6 posts is way too little :)



    Steve, I actually added a new ticket, modifying yours. It would be great if all of the groups / members / activities posts displayed could be modified.

    Example, the test page lists 7 recent blog posts, 15 members (latest/active/popular) 12 groups and 10 activities displayed. I’d like to be able to set these at an admin level, to say 5 blog posts, 10 members, 15 groups and 5 activities.

    I believe all of these are hard coded now. Entering a number for each listing would be wunderbar.

    I agree.

    the website uses a wire as a forum…and it works awesome…Buddypress is right along those lines…now if we could quote others on the wire…BBpress wouldn’t be so much of a necessity :)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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