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Easy web interface for changing language

  • ronia


    I wanted to add the following by editing my message at

    but this is not allowing edit ( even though it shows edit link)


    For the next release of BP please make an easy web interface to change a few terms or the entire language.

    Phpfox, a social script, which is though nowhere near as nice as BP is, has an easy

    web interface (admin panel) to change all terms/languages.

    Please see this picture (which shows something like that)

    The mo po stuff or similar things are taken care automatically in the background.

    If there already a plugin that does it for BP kindly post the link for I may have missed it.

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  • JJJ


    There’s a plugin for WordPress to do this already, and there will be a language switcher plugin that is BuddyPress safe soon.



    Thanks a lot Jacoby!

    Can you kindly post the link of this plug-in for BP?

    Ronia, note John said “soon.”



    Ha ha. Yes. Sorry.

    But this is bugging me so much.

    I am just unable to get the things work.

    In the meanwhile I found the “codestyling-localization” plug-in which just does

    almost the same thing in the picture I depicted.

    It generated mo file nicely. Problem is ultimately the changes do not show up …

    I tried ‘cleaning’ db with something UPDATE wp_bp_activity_sitewide SET content = replace(content,' wire:',' wall:');. Still :(

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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