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Edit Number of Latest Topics on /forums/ ?

  • Talking about the topic list under this stuff:

    Topic Title | Latest Poster | Posted In Group | Posts | Freshness

    Right now there are 20 topics listed. How would I change that to 5? Is it in a file somehere or int he admin panel right under my nose and I’m just missing it?

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  • Ok, I sorta figured it out, but have another issue…I’m using the bp_default theme, and on forums/forums-loop.php, line #1, we have (all brackets replaced by curlies b/c I have no idea how to add code to this forum):

    {?php if ( bp_has_forum_topics( bp_ajax_querystring( ‘forums’ ) ) ) : ?}

    According to the bp docs, I’m supposed to add this to that line somehow:


    Um, where would I add that? I tried just doing this, but it totally broke the pagination (which I need):

    {?php if ( bp_has_forum_topics( ‘per_page=5’ ) ) : ?}

    append it?
    if ( bp_has_forum_topics( bp_ajax_querystring( ‘forums’ ) . ‘&per_page=5’ ) )

    Aha! That’s what I needed, thanks Rich :)

    One of these days some of this syntax crap will actually sink into my brain and I won’t have to ask silly n00b questions like this anymore!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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