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editing my existing template

  • i installed buddypress today.. love it!

    i’m trying to edit the theme (via the BP Compatible plugin) as currently my sidebar only shows up below the bp content (div issue).

    the problem is i think i’m somehow editing the wrong set of files though, as the changes are not reflecting on the site.

    can someone please point out which directory i should be finding the below files in that I should be edting. i see them in two differents directories. i’m just trying to figure out which i should be editing.

    * /activity/index.php

    * /blogs/index.php

    * /forums/index.php

    * /groups/index.php

    * /groups/create.php

    * /groups/single/home.php

    * /groups/single/plugins.php

    * /members/index.php

    * /members/single/home.php

    * /members/single/plugins.php

    * /registration/register.php

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  • nevermind! I found it! I was editing files in the plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/ and bp-template-pack/templates directories

    when i should have been in themes/themename/

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