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Editing the BuddyPress site pages

  • devnl


    I’m looking into BuddyPress as a serious option for our website, but cannot for the life of me find some decent information on how I can customize it to fit the theme of our website. A lot of 1.7 information is provided, but it is all deemed as deprecated. How it works on a 1.8 install is nowhere to be found. As much as I appreciate the “it integrates in your theme automatically” sentiments I would like to have a bit more control over where certain things are positioned and how the text and headers are displayed.

    How do I do this? For me the most logical thing would be to be able to edit the register, profile etc. pages from within my own theme directory, keeping the functionality but overhauling the look and feel to fit my own site more. Information on how to do this however seems nowhere to be found.

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  • trinzia


    I have similar confusion. I have read the BP codex entry here:

    It says to create files inside your theme, in a folder called /buddypress. I am unable to match this template hierarchy against the plugin files, in order to do edits in my theme. I downloaded several themes to look for an example, but none of them had a /buddypress folder. So, I cannot figure out what directory structure I should have, and which files to copy.

    I guess I will try copying the files from bp-themes/bp-default into {mytheme}/buddypress.



    Create a folder in your theme called ‘buddypress’

    Copy a single file into that folder.

    For example, copy this file:

    into this folder:

    Then make a change to that file.



    But seeing as how it comes from a BP-Legacy folder, wouldn’t that mean that at some point it just won’t work anymore?



    Which file(s) would I use to edit the default layout for this URL:

    I am assuming this is Xprofile (the page that I get when I click on someone’s name). I want to edit how this profile looks for all members. So far, all the file structures that I tried, failed to produce an edit to this main page.

    @ davni:
    If this helps, the following structure produced an edit on the Profile tab inside the Member profile. I copied this file and made an edit:

    Then I created this directory structure:

    This doesn’t edit the main profile page, but instead, the tab inside it. Still don’t know how to edit main layout.



    I’m trying to edit home.php, and specifically the nav menu. Copied file:

    Edited this line:

    <div style="border:5px solid red">
    <?php do_action( 'bp_member_options_nav' ); ?>

    Should I see a red border around the nav menu? Nothing happens.




    In case it saves anyone else 5 hours of looking, here’s what worked for me. Copy the files from the default theme and do NOT put them all in a folder named buddypress, which was how I interpreted the codex entry. Also, for my theme, I needed to comment out line 80 of home.php:

    <?php //get_sidebar( 'buddypress' ); ?>

    Since my theme has no sidebars, this was making my site go splat.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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