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Element Stuck in the System

  • metalhead


    A few months ago, I disabled the Compose Private Message feature with css. I think I used this:
    #send-to-input: display: none;

    My intention was to stop people from being able to send a single message to multiple recipients, but now I have realized that it was a bad idea, so I went to delete the code from my CSS file, but the code is not there.

    I checked my child theme’s css, my theme’s css, buddypress’ css, but I can’t find it anywhere.

    I’ve tried reverting to my parent-theme, and deactivating all Buddypress plugins (except for BP itself,) but with no luck.

    Does anyone know which file I can find that class in? It’s possible that I may have accidentally corrupted a core file, but it seems like my CSS from several months ago has become stuck in the system, or something.

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