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Elementor Load More Error due to BuddyPress Pagination problem?

  • hcst


    Hi All

    From what I can gather reading through the BuddyPress help forum, BuddyPress handles pagination differently to WordPress on Member Profile pages (and perhaps elsewhere), and can cause issues when you try to display posts on a BuddyPress profile page.

    I am guessing this might also be the cause of an error I’m getting when I add the Elementor posts widget to a user profile page, and choose a pagination option. The designated number of posts show, but the load more functionality fails (but works fine elsewhere on the site).

    This is showing up as a browser console error as follows:

    Something went wrong. TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘getAttribute’) at LoadMore.handleSuccessFetch (load-more….bundle.min.js)

    Would that be due to the BuddyPress pagination problem as suspected, and if so, has anyone happened upon a fix for that by any chance?


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