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Email marked sent but users don’t receive it

  • shenkwen


    I’ve been using WPLMS theme which includes Buddypress. Right after I install the theme, users won’t get the activation email when they create an account. Although in the user list page, the “email sent” field is “1”.

    Then I install Buddypress on a plain 5.7.2 site with the 2021 theme. This time the users can get the activation email from it’s in the spam folder).

    Now I go back to the previous site and deactivate all of the other plugins and change the theme to 2021, still, users won’t get the activation email. This kind of verifies what the WPLMS’s support says, this is probably not their problem.

    Both sites are on the same Linode VPS server so they have the same host setting.

    Now I am stuck here. Can you show me a way to debug this?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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