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email notification – changing the "from" setting

  • catinw12


    first posted this topic here but got no response; realize folks are focused on 1.2 issues but has anyone figured out how to change the default “from” email setting for message notifications?

    whether it is a group news update or a simple user ‘send a message’ the emails in our installation are sent by default from our server email setting which looks something like this:


    As you might imagine, this causes some email services to interpret this email as spam and our users never see the email message.

    In talking with my hosting service, they said I need to change the setting in buddypress or wpmu to one of our regular email addresses so that it goes out in a regular email format.

    Has anyone solved this riddle?

    As usuual, I am wading deep in the bp core trying to find a place to change this …



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  • catinw12


    I guess everyone is focused on bp 1.2 and getting it off the ground. Having posted two forum topics on this, and not getting a reply, as well as a forum topic last year on the same thing, I guess it is up to me to “discover” how to solve this.

    What I do know: it is NOT the ‘admin_email’ setting in wpmu, which you can find in the admin user area of wpmu in the general settings selection. You can also find that code in wp-includes in wpmu-functions.php The email address I would like to use is already set up there.

    This leads me to believe it is a buddypress function. I have looked in bp-core.php, bp-messages.php, all the files in the bp-messages subdirectory. Nothing.

    There must be a setting that says SMTP or phpmail or some other type of function that sends out the email notifications by using the default server email setting.



    coming around full circle. found John J’s post that buddypress uses WP Mail to send out all emails. Okay, diving into the code on WP Mail, there are multiple references to admin_email. I had a look at our db just to be sure the admin_email is there, and yep, right there in the meta table.

    Okay, then checked the wp-config.php file. No reference there for email sender settings.

    Now getting out of that pond and jumping into wp-settings.php to see if I can find anything there.



    Perhaps a clue – in looking at WP Mail, it references a file called class-pop3.php. In that file, I see that the $MAILSERVER = ‘ ‘

    and the $user and $pass are both ‘ ‘

    assuming that the email specified in admin panel of wpmu general->settings is reliable for the email, perhaps I just need to fill in those data.

    awaiting word from my hosting service for their opinion.

    if it is true, was this an upgrade or installation problem that the system does not query these critical pieces of data? I seem to be the only one with this problem or who cares about it in terms of wanting to change the sender email address.

    perhaps something to add to the configuration and installation setup guide?

    I have found a plugin in the past which sorts this. I can’t remember the name. This is a WPMU issue as BP uses WPMU’s email function; I suggest you look at the WPMU forum.



    okay, tried adding our mailserver info and user login and password and changed the port in the file class-pop3.php in wp-includes.

    sent a bunch of messages, using different configuration.

    nothing solves the default server from line.

    looking at the wpmu forum per DJPaul’s recommendation. I had found a plugin there and tried to install it – didn’t work. Looking again.



    okay, well that was 2 hours not well spent.

    reinstalled the plugin recommended on the wpmu forum, namely collin mcdonald’s WP-Mail-SMTP Plug-in

    it doesn’t work, no matter what variation I tried.

    I cannot believe that with all the 1,000’s of buddypress users on here that I am the only one with issues about making sure our members get their messages and that they don’t go to spam.

    a default server email address like the one I mention here is sure to go to spam in many email programs. …

    the relentless search continues



    Hooray. It’s only Noon in Los Angeles but time to break out the whiskey!

    Poo U for Callum’s plugin but hip hip hooray for Andrew Hamilton’s simple wordpress ‘mail from’ plugin.

    Yes, it works, and the sender address now shows a respectable email address instead of some default server addee.

    Find the plug in link here:



    Ok, I had the same problem, and I got that “Mail From” plugin and it works as far as the From line coming from the community name instead of from “WordPress.” However, emails are still going to the spam folder. Is there no way around this at all?



    I’d try using a SMTP plugin:

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