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email notifications for private messages

  • Oaz



    I have a wp + BP installation where users do not get email notifications when a private message is being sent (all other emails notifications are ok).

    What is strange is that I have a clone of this installation where only users and posts are different (same theme and child theme, same plugins…) where the problem does not exist.

    I tried everything I could think about to find out what the problem is : changing theme, desactivating extensions…but to no avail.So I presume there is something wrong in my database ?

    Really don’t know what to try next. Any idea ?

    Thanks for your help

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  • In version 2.9.4, we fixed deliverability problems for account activation and email address change emails for users.

    Your cloned site – is that on the same server as the main site? If it isn’t (even if they are on different accounts provided by the same hosting company), you could ask them to check that the server-side email sending configuration for the operating system, and PHP, are identical, just to cross that off the list of possibilities.



    Hello and thanks for your answer Paul.
    Yes both installations are on the same server, same account, differents folders side-to-side

    I tried adding a SMTP plugin, but no results.
    The problem is only for private message notifications, other notifications are OK..

    Not sure. It might be getting blocked on delivery by spam filters, perhaps due to the content of the email.

    As an experiment, you could try editing that email type in the wp-admin and removing all the default words and text and links (after making a backup of this email). Enter some “testing” text of your choice, and then see if that gets delivered.



    Paul, yes this was a problem with email types, there was none whatsoever ! I wonder how come they all disappeared, but any way, thanks so much, the problem is resolved !

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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