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email posts to all subscribers of main blog

  • ilivesalsa


    I was wondering if Buddypress has the capability to send all the subscribers of the main blog an email notification of a new post or the entire post….

    i dont want to use mailpress or subscribe2 because i would rather it save a copy in their buddypress inbox as well as email them.

    any one have a solution for this? thanks in advance.

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  • I’ve not seen anything that does this yet. I’ve also marked this post as not a support question, as it concerns a feature discussion/request rather than a bug in the BuddyPress core.



    that’s dissapointing to hear.

    I’ll start hunting this support forum now to see if I can take the ‘register to continue’ widget from the top sidebar, as this appears to be the primary call to action, but I think what people really want is the news feed from my Subscribe2 widget (I think this because after registering they are not doing anything. Probably because they don’t see any of my new posts… annoying).



    Hi, just a quick update to this:
    I’ve easily removed the register feature at the top of the page, however, 100% of people are hunting out the register option from the bottom of the page and registering rather than subscribing for email alerts. Strange.

    I think the Subscribe2 plugin actually sends email feeds to registered users as well, so I’ll need to test and sort out that side of things. Personally, I think the 2 plugins will work EXTREMELY well and think all bloggers wanting to develop a tribe of followers will like these ingredients.

    Btw, if anybody comes across this post and wants to see the 2 things in action together you can go to my website here: Cyber Glasses Development

    Cheers, Andrew

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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