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Emails are either not sent or reaching late now

  • Shaktimaan


    Wordpress version is 4.2.2
    Buddypress Version
    bbpress Version 2.5.7
    my website
    I am using buddy premium theme.

    I am facing email related issue. I noticed it on Sunday when i sent mass emails from my old site and asked members to check out new site.

    I noticed about 30 emails in pending columns. Activation emails were sent sometimes but most of the times were not sent.

    Today i noticed another issue that is also related to email. Emails are sent but reaching about 10 to 45 minutes late in users’ account. I am also receiving notifications of new activity late.

    Both activation emails and notifications of new replies are affected by this issue. Notifications of comments on blog posts are also reaching about 10 to 45 late in my email account. I am not using any email related plugin.

    I have tested gmail as well as yahoo email account. Same problem. Email reaches late.

    I have contacted my web host, HostGator twice via chat but he said it is not a server issue and blames software.

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  • Shaktimaan


    I would like to add 1 more thing. I have been hosting another wordpress blog with same host. It looks like it is not affected at all. I have tested multiple times and i always receive alerts of new comments promptly.

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