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emmalgamating plugins

  • hkcharlie


    So I have been having these constant discussions with my host about my website.
    They constantly tell me that I have too many plugins, I constantly tell them that I need those plugins for my site to function the way I want it to function.

    Is there a way that if I identify the plugins I want to keep, I could round them all up and put them into one plugin?
    Take the code and write them into the hard code of the site?

    I keep my plugins and my host is not upset. Thoughts?

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  • Tammie Lister


    Can you merge plugins? Yes, but it would mean creating a plugin that then did all those things. So, if you are happy with development then go for it – otherwise perhaps a more lean approach to plugins would be needed.

    As for identifying what you need? My recommendation would be get a test site or local version of your site set up. Then you can ‘experiment’ and turn on/off each plugin to see if it’s needed. Plugin audits aren’t a bad thing though and a good process to go through if your site is experiencing bloat.

    I will add though a host getting upset about plugins is a bit weird. Perhaps you also need to consider if you think the amount you need are all valid and required, whether another host would be good? I certainly wouldn’t stay with a host that got upset about plugins rather than worked with me to advise, on the flipside I try and be lean about plugins.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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