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Enable – Allow activity stream commenting on posts and comments

  • elitechsavvy


    Hi folks,

    I’m troubleshooting why users cannot write on other members’ posts.

    My wall shows a green button but on other members are grayed out.

    These have been my actions so far:

    1. I’ve checked on Activity Settings and is selected. Which I did on/off with no results.
    2. I’ve run the tool options to “repair”
    3. Remove the plugin (Disable/remove)
    4. Install/activate the plugin
    5. All components are active
    6. All options are active
    7. WordPress report – Version 9.1.1
    Active components Community Members, Extended Profiles, Account Settings, Friend Connections, Private Messaging, Activity Streams, Notifications, User Groups, Site Tracking
    8. When inspecting POST grayed button got this line results: <input class=”loading” type=”submit” name=”ac_form_submit” value=”post” disabled=””>
    9. Check WordPress integrity/checksum – reinstall 5.8 FYI
    10. Reboot the server

    So far no luck.

    Any tips/hints will be highly appreciated!

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