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Entire Site Turned to White Screen

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  • modemlooper


    Deactivate BuddyPress by deleting the BuddyPress folder so you can get too site.

    The correct steps to update a BuddyPress site are

    1. place your site into a maintenance mode. How you do this is up to you. There are many WP plugins for this.

    2. switch your theme to bp-default.

    3. deactivate every plugin including BuddyPress.

    4. upgrade the BuddyPress plugin.

    5. If you need to re-activate bp-default do so.

    6. Check your site now to see if the upgrade was successful by going to the front end. log out and in, post activity and forum posts, check avatar uploads. And any other things to check.

    7. if you are using a custom theme then test your custom theme the same way you did with bp-default.

    8. if custom theme checks out test plugins one by one using the same method. After checking a plugin and its ok deactivate it.

    9. if you find an error with a certain plugin then deactivate it. move on to next plugin.

    10. post in this forum the error you may have found with a certain plugin. the developer may have not updated a plugin and your findings can help them. It’s the least you can do to give back when using FREE open source software.

    All of the above should be done on separate install just for testing. This is to avoid the horror of updating only to find your killer site feature (plugin) completely broken. I usually do a BuddyPress install on the same server so it has similar configurations to get realistic tests.

    I usually do it on a sub domain:

    This test site is for you only so you can test away. Just make sure you block sign ups and block it from search bots etc. I run a maintenance mode full time on my test install.

    Since you already updated just get to the backend and then deactivate all plugins. Reinstall BuddyPress and activate. Then do the one by one test stated above. It’s most likely a plugin conflict.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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