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Erorr Message under My Home Tab

  • fellowchirps


    Dear Fellas,

    I am a newbie in web sites building

    I get this error message under My Home tab.
    ‘Admin forgot to activate at least 1 widget, if i were you i would contact him to make him move ! ‘

    I really don’t know what widget that I forget to activate.

    Can you please advice?

    Many thanks


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  • I’m afraid based on the info you have provided it is impossible for us to make any stab in the dark, not even sure this is a BuddyPress issue. You will simply need to look at your plugins and see which looks like the most promising culprit, and/or check through your widgets and see which appear to have more than one that need activating.

    It means you’re using BP My Home plugin.

    You only have to go to WordPress Backend / BuddyPress Menu / BPMH Manger submenu to display the list of available widgets. Then activate the ones you want to make available to users.

    Well there you go! :)

    @fellowchirps now you know what plugin you installed that caused this if you have follow up questions on it please post them to the plugin authors group:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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