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Erratic behaviour

  • CarlyJ


    Hello everyone,

    I have installed WP abd BP. I test them on my local machine and on a remote computer (part of the LAN)

    I kind of have an erratic with BP that consists of:

    1. When a user is created sometimes he/she does not receive the confirmation email.

    2. Lets say I am on the local PC and I create a user called BIBI. After loging in with this id I see sometimes the dashboard with the latest comments etc. etc. (from the url I can see that I am taken to wp-admin folder).and sometimes I get the Hello World message that says “Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!” but I do not see how I can get to delete this message and how to start blogging!

    3. I activate the forum tab but when I click on it I get http 403 error.

    4. If the user is connected from a remote computer the above “Hello World” message is replaced by Page does not exist. Here I understand that I did not set up correctly the server name and there are places where it says localhost. How can I change everywhere the localhost with the server name?

    Any answer to any of this issues is very much appreciated.

    Thank you,


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