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error 404's after fresh install

  • Anonymous

    Ok so i have installed:

    Mu wordpress (latest release: 2.8.2

    Buddypress 1.0.3

    I have followed the install to the letter on both MU wordpress and Buddypress but i have the following problem. I get error 404’s on all pages from the home page. The home page displays but no links work at all.

    Interestingly only one theme will actually work with this installation as well, the others show white screens of death. (other themes that come bundled with buddypress).

    So i am left with and nothing more, i am sure it is some kind of mod_rewrite issue or something to do with the .htaccess but i cant imagine what, having checked that mod_rewrite is working fine etc.

    Could anyone help me, i am at my wits end and have been sat here all day trying to work out what it is. I see a few people have had this very same problem with error 404’s but no one has actually documented any kind of solution to it.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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