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ERROR in the buddle notification in the mobiles devices

  • giuseppecuttone


    the buddle notification icon, located in administration bar in the left zone of the AVATAR, is not showed by defauls in mobiles devices.
    In order to show it @shayne-thiessen explaned in the following post what is the CSS codec we can must add in order to show it:
    Resuming, the CSS code is the following

    /* Show only default top level items */
    	#wp-toolbar > ul > li {
        		display: block;

    But now there is a little problem… when I clic in the notification icon, in the mobiles devices it will show only a little part of the dropdown windows with notification, because the dropdown windows is showed from the icon to the right zone, so it goes out of the display, while in computers the dropdown windows is showed from the icon to the left zone.
    So my question is:
    how can I show the dropdownmenu in the mobiles from the icon to the left zone (just like in the web)
    Thank very much for your support.

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