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Error on activation of video conferencing with BP active

  • timtellean


    WP ver 4.73
    BP ver 2.82
    Modern magazine pro theme
    Plugins from BP active: BP,BP Group Documents,Buddyforms Members, BP activity Plus, BP Docs, BP Group Calendar, BP Group Email, BP registration groups,

    I just installed and activated Video Conference plugin by video whisper and I get the following error;

    Warning: Declaration of videoConferenceGroup::display() should be compatible with BP_Group_Extension::display($group_id = NULL) in /home/wp_5cnhby/ on line 51

    I deactivated all of the plugins with BP Group in the name and the error remains.
    Any idea where I can find and set the $group_id to something besides NULL.

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  • r-a-y


    It’s a trivial warning caused by the Video Conference plugin. Forward the debug message to the developers and they should be able to easily address it. The problem shouldn’t affect the functionality of the plugin though.

    If this is a production site, you shouldn’t have debug messages displayed. Turn them off by setting WP_DEBUG to false in wp-config.php.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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