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Error posting : Latest trunc

  • Anonymous

    I recently upgraded to latest 1.2 Trunc (r2221 ) ,

    before the upgrade from 1.1.3, my profile posting was working fine. After the upgrade , I can not post to Profile OR comment on a post. I get following error. has anything changed w.r.t database tables?

    Error i get :

    There was an error posting that reply, please try again.

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  • Trunk is the work-in-progress version. If you find a bug with it, it’s best to report it on

    Andy Peatling


    As a general notice: Please do not upgrade or use the trunk if you are not prepared to encounter errors. The trunk is best for developers who can debug and fix problems. I know a lot of people are itching to try it out and upgrade, but it’s still not close to being ready for general use.


    Thanks for replies.. I am trying this in local setup & just experimenting with the latest release.

    I am not reporting a bug but was trying to find if I’m missing something obvious in installing the trunck. I am sure updating a status/posting a comment is a basic feature & can not be a bug as I got same thing in last 2 truncks. If some one has seen such be behavior , please reply.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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