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Error when trying to change avatar

  • linearconcepts


    Hi everyone. I run a few WP websites, and this is my first attempt at BuddyPress. This is a new install, created just a couple of days ago.

    WP: 3.7.1
    BP: 1.81 (Standard Buddypress theme)
    Site: (closed to the public using BP-Registration-Options)

    Problem: Whenever I try to upload a file to change avatars, I get “Upload Failed! Error was: No editor could be selected.” The problem exists in FF, Chrome & IE.

    I can upload images from the Dashboard Media page, and they upload wither I drag/drop them onto the WP window, or whether I upload them using the traditional browser upload feature. But I can’t upload them from the “Change Avatar” section.

    I believe GDLibrary is installed (ran apt-get just to make sure).

    I looked around here and saw a couple other people had the same problem. Any solution they found did not work for me.

    Any other suggestions?

    – I’ve disabled all plugins except BuddyPress, and still have the problem.
    – No errors show up in the Apache error_log


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  • linearconcepts



    “apt-get install php5-gd” fixed it.

    (can’t believe I looked so long and so hard to find this solution)

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