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Error when trying to create a group

  • zenseeker


    Posted this over at, but perhaps should have put it here.

    I just upgraded to trunk-r640 this morning and I’m getting this error making a group: “There was an error saving group details. Please try again.” My bp-groups folder permissions is set to 755 and bp-groups.php is set to 644. Files inside of bp-groups are at 644. Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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  • zenseeker


    Well, I updated to trunk-641 and although I now have 3 identical groups made (from my 3 attempts at trying to create from r640), I’m now getting this even uglier error in what I think is my header, right under the buddypress toolbar:


    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /home/ramona/public_html/wp-content/mu-plugins/bp-groups/bp-groups-ajax.php:1) in /home/ramona/public_html/wp-content/mu-plugins/bp-core.php on line 153

    I’m over at if anyone wants to take a look-see.

    It’s also breaking the css if I click on one of the Jewelry Artist group links.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance. Things seem to be going downhill this morning.

    Burt Adsit


    Upgrade to r644+. That seems to have fixed the problem.

    I’m having the identical issue with a fresh install of the Combo Pack (1.0b1). I’ve followed the instructions for installation of Combo Pack ( but when I select Site Admin > Profile Fields, then “Add a Group,” I get the message “There was an error saving the group. Please try again.” Grateful for any advice on this.

    Make sure you fill in all fields on the first page when creating the group. They are all required fields.


    Thanks for your reply. I’m not sure I understand “…fill in all fields on the first page when creating the group…” What is the “first page” in this case?

    The only place I can add a group is using “Add a Group” under Site Admin>Profile Fields. Does that sound right? Under Site Admin>Groups there are no options to add/edit/delete groups…it simply says “No Groups to Display.” Does that sound right? Thanks.

    Burt Adsit


    When you are viewing your site, not the backend admin area, from the menu bar at the top of the screen My Account > Groups > Create a Group. If you don’t see a menu bar then you have to flip the Site Admin > BuddyPress > Show admin bar for logged out users switch to ‘yes’.

    Thanks for your guidance, which helped me find the “Create a Group” function from the menu bar (not the back end Admin area). (I’m new with the software, so thanks for your patience.) Unfortunately, when I try to add a group, I receive the message, “There was an error saving group details. Please try again.” I made sure to fill out all of the fields. Still scratching my head on this…

    Burt Adsit



    Did you try to upload a custom avatar? Then it gives you an error msg? If so check the permissions on the /wp-content/blogs.dir and all subdirs. 755 with the apache user and group having write permission.

    No, nothing fancy…just trying to complete a vanilla install. My avatar is actually a gravatar, so nothing custom uploaded. Perhaps I’ll re-upload and reinstall everything to make sure nothing when wrong during that process…

    Fresh domain. Fresh upload. Fresh install. Fresh cookies. Triple-checked permissions. Same problem: Can’t create groups, either from back admin side or front side. I always get the message, “”There was an error saving group details. Please try again.”

    I’m afraid I’m close to throwing in the towel.

    The installation directions say, “7. Head to: “Site Admin > Profiles” in the wp-admin area.” I don’t see a “Profiles” option, just “Profile Fields.” Just a typo?

    My install is at:

    Thanks and Happy Holidays.

    Burt Adsit


    Howdy. I’m trying to figure out what the source of the problem is with your error msg. From what I can determine of your installation you have:

    1. mu installed on a shared host

    2. mu installed in a subdirectory under the document root called ‘exploreouroceans’

    3. mu is installed with the subdirectory option rather than the subdomain option

    So your comment about ‘nothing fancy’ and ‘vanilla install’ isn’t exactly right. :) A plain vanilla install is:

    1. mu installed on a dedicated virtual server

    2. mu installed in the document root

    3. mu installed and configured to use subdomains

    That is what works like a charm. Doing anything else seems to introduce complexities that are difficult to diagnose.

    Can you please confirm that this is actually how you have mu installed? It will help narrow down the problems you are experiencing.

    Thanks. You’ve got it right, so I stand corrected — not vanilla.

    I am running on a dedicated server, but I am also running other sites on the same server, with each site living in its own subdirectory beneath the document root. Do you think that’s the culprit? If so, I’d be grateful for any guidance on how to install mu “on a dedicated virtual server” and “installed in the document root.” My main concern, since I’ve never before installed any of my sites in the document root, would be creating problems with my other sites, which is why they’re all separated in subdirectories. Am I worrying about nothing or did I miss something along the way.

    I’ll reinstall and configure to use subdomains. I forgot I had made that change…one of many in my attempts to debug.

    Thank you very much for the time and effort you’ve put into this for me.


    Burt Adsit


    Hi David. Well I’m glad you are running on a DV. It narrows the scope of the problems. On my host, when I setup a domain it creates a structure for me like this:



    Each has it’s own document root. I’m not a DV or linux guru but that sounds logical to me. I’m too new at multi-domain setups on a DV to tell you if this is normal host config behaviour or it’s just mine.

    Maybe Trent can give us some pointers on this. I know he has way more experience than me. Gotta go ask Trent for his guidance on this. I’ll be back.

    Make sure all folders are chmod 755. Can you confirm that the database fields are all there? bp_groups, bp_group_groupmeta, etc. ? What errors are you recieving in your apache error logs when you try and create a group? I see your error message in BP, but the apache one will be more insightful. As well, does apache have access to the folders that WPMU and BP are running in as it seems like it is having issues? Any additional information you can give would be helpful.


    I’m digging up the log files, paths, etc., but meanwhile I wonder if it is an issue of missing database tables/fields per Trent’s post. I don’t see bp_groups, bp_group_groupmeta, etc. Here’s the full list of all the tables I have on the database:


















































    Again, thanks.


    P.S. The WP mu install seemed flawless before I installed the BP Combo Pack (1.0b1).

    Also, my directory structure (1&1 enterprise dedicated server running Linux/Apache looks like this: /kunden/homepages/14/d123456789/htdocs/exploreouroceans/

    If you have BP installed, it will have some wp_bp_ tables for sure. With the plugins in /mu-plugins/ you need to head to the main WPMU blog as site-admin. That will start to install some of the plugins.

    Strange. I can’t seem to do anything to get those fields created in my database. The plug-ins are in the right place, all 755, and I’ve logged in a site administrator, clicked on everything in sight (and site). I checked my earlier install under a different domain on the same server and those tables/fields are also lacking from that database. I’m really stumped. (More info on my server: PHP Version 4.4.9, MySQL 4.0) Thanks for any ideas you might have. Let me know if you need additional info. …David

    Burt Adsit


    (Sorry to interrupt. Was lurking now intruding) What does your apache/php error log say. Anything interesting?

    I had some problems with groups recently. I had been fooling around in root and did something dumb. I screwed up the php session handling. I didn’t know it though. Everything was working just fine except one thing. Driving me crazy. It was only when I stopped and took a break that I looked at the error_log for a different reason. There was my answer.

    I was thinking about session problems but those were introduced in php 4.0.0. It’s the error logs that might tell you guys something.

    If bp isn’t creating tables, there is a reason for it.

    Interruptions are most welcome! Now I’m trying to figure out where 1and1 hides the Apache log files for its dedicated servers. I can’t find them in any of the standard locations, so this may take a while. Thanks.

    Update: I was right…this will take a while. Just received an email reply from 1and1, “You can’t get the logs since your package is a manage server.” They’ve agreed to “escalate” my case, but I’m not holding my breath. Insane – I can see my logs on BlueHost on a shared server! Maybe that’s the answer…move the whole kit and kaboodle to a shared server on BlueHost?

    But surely others have successfully installed BP on 1and1 servers? Just out of curiosity (well, and desperation, too) what if I snip the necessary code from the .php files and pre-create the tables manually? Does that have any hope or would the BP Police carry me away?

    Having the BP plugins in your /mu-plugins/ directory and then going to your admin page should have the tables automatically created in the database. It really is that simple since all BP is just a suite of plugins for WPMU anyways. Surprised it didn’t create as normal for you to be honest.

    I was able to successfully install WPMU/BP on a shared server at BlueHost, so I’ve satisfied myself I can actually follow directions. :) Still no-go on 1and1. (I heard from a rep in the server room and he’s working to create copies of my Apache error logs, so I hope to have those soon.)

    While there are a number of differences between the BlueHost and 1and1 servers, the only notable difference in the way I installed WPMU/BP is the fact that on BlueHost I configured WPMU to use subdomains, while on 1and1 I configured WPMU to use subdirectories. Could that be the culprit?

    Burt Adsit


    When it comes to flavors of hosts, installs and configurations vanilla is good. Anything other than vanilla is only good in the ice cream world. subdomains are vanilla.

    Understood. Unfortunately, I can’t get WPMU to work with subdomains on 1and1. Anyone out there succeed getting BP running on a 1and1 server? WPMU with subdomains?

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