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ETA on BP 1.2.7

  • Avi M


    I thought it was do to be unleashed upon the world over a week ago. No?

    Is there a revised eta?

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  • Waiting on John to package it up. He’s been busy with a variety of real-life stuff.

    Avi M


    Thanks Paul!



    Thanks for the update.

    Mycroft Holmes


    Any updates on the release?



    A month is a big delay though. We would be happy with several updates of 1.2.7 if need be (,, etc.).

    It’s been another week, any updates?

    Still waiting on John to package it up. Out of my hands; will nag. Sorry.

    What is the status with the radio button issue that was re-opened? Is the delay somehow tied to this unresolved issue? If so, that would be an explanation of sorts. But with the appearance of Jeff’s privacy plugin tied to 1.2.7, it really makes this look like a point release rather than a set of bug fixes and small improvements. That’s not something in the core dev team controls but, “whoop, there it is.” In terms of the level of expectation (and thus, potential disappointment) the stakes seem a bit higher than normal. Am I exaggerating? While the delay on 1.2.7 is not really going to kill anyone – whatever the reason may be – the longer it takes, especially without explanation, the more damage might be sustained in regards to public opinion.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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