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Except the activation email following a new registration, emails aren’t sent

  • seppad2016



    We’ve been experiencing problematic issues with BP Email notifications.

    As stated on the subject of the post, our BuddyPress installation went ok and each time a new user register. He’s been sent an activation mail (as the situation stated it).

    We are managing group members from the wordpress back-office. Actually, no action (except the registration/login) is performed client-side.

    We (the admin) invite as a member or promote any registered and activated user to any group. This action is performed in the back-office. As stated on the various Email Situations, the recipient should receive an email if the action is performed but this never happens.

    We eventually tried to disable plugins and resetting things but we’re out of luck. We also tried the following plugin BP Default Email Notification Settings Control Version 1.0.1
    to force email notification with no success.

    Thanks for any efficient help,

    Below our configuration:
    WP 4.7.2
    plugins :
    Advanced Custom Fields Pro Version
    Beautiful taxonomy filter Version 2.1.0
    BP Default Email Notification Settings Control Version 1.0.1
    BuddyPress Version 2.7.4
    Contact Form 7 Version 4.5.1
    Contact Form DB Version 2.10.26
    Intuitive Custom Post Order Version 3.0.7
    JS & CSS Script Optimizer Version 0.3.2
    mobble Version 1.6
    PDF Image Generator Version 1.5.0
    Theme My Login Version 6.4.6
    WP E-Mail Debug Version 1.1.0
    WP Maintenance Version 2.8.2
    WP Super Cache
    WPBakery Visual Composer
    Yoast SEO

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  • seppad2016


    Feeding this thread as we now have the proof that only front-end actions (registering, changeing email address from member settings page) only trigger email notifications.

    Thanks for posting if one knows why back-office actions (such as adding members to groups for instance) don’t trigger email notifications




    perhaps because back-office actions are generally not public. Why would a site admin send mails to his site members after a back-office action ? Eventually interesting if you’re working with an admin team, but as this is not the most used workflow, why should this be part of BP ?
    It is also not part of WordPress.
    So i guess it is plugin territory, but i’m not aware of any existing for this.



    Hi and thanks for this reply.
    We thought the Email situations answered cases like this.
    How the ones related to group membership (or member promoted to a group) are triggered if not via back-office ?



    Hello, I don want to invade your thread but open my own days ago and its not getting viewed so no replied.

    I have searched for ever and is still searching for a solution and not getting answers.

    I setup this new site: WordPress 4.7.2 and running MesoColumn theme. The Buddypress version is Version 2.7.4.

    In my backend I see the registration Pending and I re-sending the activation sever times while experimenting with other things and my server but to no success. And its not my server because I do have another site working with the same Buddypress version. The only difference the working site has been online since 2014.




Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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