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Excessive Private Messaging Spam

  • dotpk


    I have around 15,000 members registered in my WPMU installation and I tried enabling Private Messaging in BuddyPress for a few days.

    Within around 2 weeks, 20,000+ messages were sent through Private Messaging – 99% of them being spam. Most of my members received messages through emails and got furious.

    I disabled Private Messaging around a month ago and have been visiting this forum frequently to see if there has been any solution.

    When the messaging was still enabled a month ago, I kept checking the messaging table in database and kept marking the users as spam who would send hundreds of messages in one go. I had successfully enabled recaptcha on the wordpress signup, but it was not useful as spammers were manually registering and sending lots of messages via scripts.

    I have got few questions:

    – Is there a way to at least disable the email notification globally for everyone, with an option of manually enabling for anyone who needs it?

    – Can someone help in adding recaptha on the compose message page? I am willing to pay for these services.

    – Is there is any other way someone can suggest to limit the spam via private messaging?

    Thanks in advance!


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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