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Expanded profile functions

  • fredfreddy


    I am not sure if this the place to ask but I’ll give it a shot. I am looking for a plugin or widget that will expand the profile functions. My site is profile heavy. I wan to be able to get the general information(name, age, etc) and then have them pick an interest. When they pick the interest from a drop down I want a new subset of profile questions to populate. So if they pick cars I want questions about the car to populate for this profile. If they pick excercise I want them to be able to pick their sport and be able to put in stats. Basically to have a drop down that has different profile questions depending on which drop down is picked. Does this exist? Any help is greatly appreciated. Also I really am a true beginner with this stuff so please dumb it down if I need to do anything other than click an “install” button. Thank you, -fredfreddy

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