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exporting data, users, and whole bp

  • djsteveb


    Any plan to have a one click to export all your data as a BP user?
    Any discussion about hooking rtmedia pics and mediapress into an export option?

    I think this is important for people to test the waters with bp, and it may be a requirement of that Euro grprp or whatever thing that’s going into effect.

    Would also be nice to have a good, export everything option similar to what the wpmudev snapshot plugin does.

    Been a while since I kept up with the forums here, so apologies if it’s been brought up recently, I did go through several pages of the forums first.

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  • Renato Alves


    There is already a ticket about it:



    Thanks for pointing this out @espellcaste!

    Would it be good for me, or anyone else, to add some info to the ticket(s) (not sure if marked as dupe is kicking it back to the other one, of if the other is kicking it back to this one) –

    anyway, would it be good, or be considered rude to mention that this may be required by the ggrp thing that the countries in Europe are expecting web sites to provide with possible fines for violating?

    I kind of want to add some info to one of the tickets there, again not sure which one would be the appropriate one, but would like to add that since they are thinking about data in regards to groups, we may need to consider stripping info that others may have posted, whether it be in groups, or in private messages, as someone could end up with an export of info that had been set to be deleted or otherwise blocked / removed from the other user – and so it may be innaopriate to include messaging from groups or otherwise that was not added by the user him/herself.

    Also I think we would need a way to include media, pictures used for avatars and used via plugins like rtmedia / mediapress in order to not just be thorough and kind, but to also be in compliance with the ggrp thing.

    <- obviously I am not a lawyer and not well versed in this thing as far as all that goes.

    However on another side I think exporting the data as a backup will potentially increase the suablity of buddypress exponentially as well. I am looking into helping spawn some methods for people to more easily launch a bp for their family musings and another instance for friend circles – this would be great during the term of hosting – but backups would be needed to prevent loss of presious family photos and such should a hack occur, or hosting not get paid, etc.

    So backups, and a method for auto exporting I think is the missing piece at this point to really push for a much greater adoption of BP, which is really close to being a viable, and more private / controlled replacements for FB at this point.

    the time is ripe for this.. hope we can make it happen before end of school year somehow.



    1. Are you migrating the whole database( user, groups,. posts and all). I will suggest moving the database and using to update the urls. this works great.

    2. Or If it is going to be a new install, you can simply export the tables from the first install for user/groups and import them in the new install

    Or if all you want is use the new theme, you can simply upgrade the install.

    Hope that helps.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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