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Extend Profiles

  • wfdeanb


    Wordpress version would be 5.3 or latest.
    Not sure of theme but would be custom design.


    Advice please. I need to build a site that has a requirement to display user profiles via search to the public.
    Existing profile example:

    I need the profiles to have the same features as above.
    1. Location / address.
    2. Description.
    3. In the style of Facebook with fixed image and editable profile pic.
    4. The ability to add logos/ images.

    These profiles also need to be displayed and searchable on a map. As here:

    I can see that BuddyPress is more than capable with some of this but, before I install and start building the site. Can you please advise me if BuddyPress can provide the solution I need.

    Many Thanks

    Dean Bailey

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  • coolhunt


    If you want something turnkey.. i’d go with @buddyboss

    – its pretty fast to get started
    – it works out of the box
    – its literally the fastest and easiest way to get what you described (there theme even looks like FB)
    – premium (not free)

    (disclaimer: I dont work for buddyboss nor am i an affiliate)



    The BuddyBoss Platform plugin is free.
    Their themes and support for the Platform are not free.

    Go here to get the free plugin – scroll down to
    “Download the free BuddyBoss Platform Plugin”



    I stand by what I said.

    @buddyboss makes great themes and products but its premium.
    — as great as the free plugin is.. –a site administrator will benefit great by implement the buddyboss premium theme.

    Dare I say that — the free plugin looses its appeal without the utilization of a premium theme.

    I personally love the “Boss.” theme ($129USD) and the “OneSocial” theme($99USD). — Though I havent used them in the past 2 years – I suspect they are still of great quality. I also havent used the “BuddyBoss Theme” (Which starts at $228USD)

    The new Buddyboss Theme looks a lot like FB and seems like a great option for someone that wants a great looking turnkey solution.




    Thanks everyone for your help and advice.
    It has given me a useful direction to go in.

    Thanks again


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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