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Extended fields in profile are garbled

  • CliffDillard


    I have an alumni site and added fields for Graduation Year (drop down) and current residence (City (optional), State (drop down) and Country (drop Down) and About Me (multi line text)
    I also added fields for current last name versus name while in school.
    The registration form looks fine but when I pull up a member record the data is messed up. An example would be
    Last Name while in school: John Smith
    Last Name current: EH
    First Name: CM
    Class of : 1995
    City: WK
    State: MB Manitoba
    Country: Swaziland
    About me: BD

    The class of is a drop down and the 1995 is correct.
    The State is a drop down but MB was not correct for this person.
    Country is a drop down but Swaziland is incorrect for this person.

    I read that changing the name of the Name field might cause a problem but that post was 2 years ago and appears to have been corrected.

    Any ideas what I set up incorrectly?

    Note: Some registrations go through cleanly but most are coming through with these types of errors.

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