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[Resolved] Extended Profile Info

  • format19


    Hi, I am a site developer but this is my first project using BuddyPress and bbpress for forums.
    I seem to have everything working the way the client wants except for one thing.

    During User registration the form asks a few questions like eligible to vote etc? this info is stored on the users Extended Profile page.

    I need to give my client (the site owner) access to all user data so he can manage response accordingly but setting him as Editor he couldnt see the Extended Profile data for other users.
    So I created a user type of “Editor Plus” and allowed him to edit, delete and create user.

    He can now click into the other user profiles but still cannot view the Extended Profile Info.

    I have tried 15 different User/Admin plugins none of them allow him access to this extended data?

    My only option at this point is to make him an Administrator but im very nervous about doing that as he is a fiddler and could easily break the site.

    I seem to remember a few years ago I used a plugin to make myself Super Admin and then I could limit what other Admins could access but I cant find or remember what it was.

    This is only an issue for 2 user who will be running and managing the site so even if there is a code hack that i can put in for those 2 user to access the Extended Info pages?


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  • Henry Wright


    Hi @format19

    These are the capabilities that admins have which editors don’t:

    • activate_plugins
    • create_users
    • delete_plugins
    • delete_themes
    • delete_users
    • edit_files
    • edit_plugins
    • edit_theme_options
    • edit_themes
    • edit_users
    • export
    • import

    If you’re not comfortable granting full admin rights, then perhaps you could cherry-pick these? As you probably know, the add_cap() function will add capabilities to a given role.




    Hi Henry,

    Thanks for that, yes I did realize that I have been all over the codex as you can imagine but figuring out exactly what code I needed was getting me a bit bogged down.

    I have managed to achieve it a different way.
    I used USER ROLE EDITOR to create a new role again called Editor Plus but this time copied the settings from Administrator then took away privileges
    Finally I used Adminimize to hide additional menu items.

    This has worked perfect, Now my 2 site owners are set as Editor Plus and Moderators they can see all users data including Extended info but cant see any of the stuff that can actually break the site 🙂

    Thanks again

    Henry Wright


    Great to hear you got things working!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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