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Extended Profiles not working 404

  • AngelaQ


    WordPress version 4.5.2
    Buddypress version 2.5.3

    ColorMag Theme

    When I installed bp and turned extended profiles, if I go to the toolbar in the upper right and choose Profile-Edit it goes to something like this:


    And it’s a 404 page.

    Also, if I click on any of the users in the backend including me the Admin, it says they’re marked as spam but yet the active/spam toggle is set to active not spam.

    In addition, the register page doesn’t work and just loops back to home page.

    Am I supposed to do some kind of setup other than checking the button the button that I want extended profiles in order to make this work? The documentation on this site for this just says it’s pending.

    I’ve turned it off so I can at least use regular profile management but would love to access the extended profiles capabilities.

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