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Extending user profiles with infos of user’s post type liking

  • dadadadon


    Hello everyone,

    actually I am not using buddypress, but searching for a social network plugin with a very special function. I will describe my idea below, in hope that someone can tell me, if I can do this with buddypress.

    My Idea:
    I want to post blog entries on my blog and give users the opportunity to like the posts. The user profile should publically display all of the user’s post-likes then. Furthermore post-likes should be weighted with numeric weights I define, so that the user profiles will have a score of the likes weighted.

    Do you think, that this is possible to do with buddy press? Or do I need further programming? Will that require demanding efforts?

    I am looking forward to your suggestions. Thanks in regard.


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  • Venutius


    I think based on your requirement that for your ultimate requirement you will need some custom coding. This is due to you wanting to add weighting to the likes.

    One option would be to enable new blog posts to appear in the BuddyPress activity stream. That would automatically allow BuddyPress users to favorite the activity and for it to appear in their list of favorites in their profile. However you won’t easily be able to add your weighting since the BP favorites system dones not have this functionality. But that’s the same for any existing plugin. The potential downside is that the BP Activity stream is not just posts (which would have to be enabled with a bit of code).

    There are also a number of WordPress post specific likes plugins, however these don’t give you a profile page with a list of your likes and the same issue remains that they would not support you weighting.

    If it was me, I’d probably look to use a plugin such as BuddyPress Like as a basis for my solution. I’ve not looked in detail at this plugin but I’m assuming it adds the ability to like posts and display a list of likes in the users profile. That would serve as a good basis for what I was looking to do. It would then need some modification in order to support your specific weighting mechanism. The complexity of that task would depend on exactly how you want your weighting mechanism to work and the technique you use to account for it when displaying the likes list.



    I took a look at BuddyPress Like and it looks like it’s far from ready for use, so I think I’d look at instead, you could create a Profile page for the users list of likes and add your weighting based on your criteria.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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