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External Blogs

  • I’ve been watching BuddyPress since it was announced, and was hoping to use it for my site (, but it is lacking the one feature that I need.

    Basically the ability for a user to add an existing external blog to their profile, and the corresponding RSS feed. The posts from the external blog would show up in their profile. If they were part of a group, say “Politics” the group would have a merged aggregate feed of all the member’s blogs.

    Wishful thinking, or on the horizon?

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  • peterverkooijen


    I’ve used the FeedWordPress plugin for a while. It’s excellent.

    With administrator access you can associate RSS feeds with member blogs. It should be possible to make that functionality available to regular members so they can do it themselves -> voila, external blogs.

    I’ll look into this in the next two weeks, when I’m upgrading to version 1.1.3 or 1.2. I’ll probably use crude custom code to add an input field that allows members to enter an RSS feed directly into FeedWordPress’ database table.

    To turn it into a more sophisticated plugin I’ll probably need some help.

    Is anyone else still working on this? Any ideas, comments or suggestions?

    I’ll report back when I’ve made some progress…



    Sounds great Peter. I think you should create a new topic as this thread has too many messages.

Viewing 2 replies - 76 through 77 (of 77 total)
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